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Our Staff
Pipeworx By Minx is a fully family owned and operated company. We give back to the community through voluntary and donation efforts, as well as support local animal rescues. Please read on to find out more about are PBM family.
Taylor Minx

Taylor has always been passionate about building and creating things. Becoming an apprentice, working through the years to become a master plumber, only goes to show his passion for this career. With years of residential and commercial plumbing, it was time for Taylor to open up his own business in January of 2017. He loves figuring out tough situations and problem solving. He’ll always make sure you understand what work is being done before a tool is even picked up. Very easy going and always ready to help.

Charlene Minx

Charlene Minx has been around plumbers and managing her own hair stylist business for the better half of her life! When husband, Taylor Minx, mentioned the idea of opening his own plumbing business, she was more than thrilled! Now as the chief financial officer, you will find her busy in the office, out & about handling business, and you may even see her at your estimate! Not being a plumber herself, she’s always looking for more opportunity to learn the basics. Charlene will handle all your billing needs.

Avery Czechowicz

Avery, cousin of Charlene, started at PBM Plumbing Co. in the fall of 2017. “I got into plumbing because I’m the type of person to do things with my hands. I really like fixing and making things. I always thought I would be a trades person ever since I was young. I worked with my hands and learned the value of hard work and morals from my father & grandfather. I hope to one day oversee jobs and lead a team of workers”. Avery is a proud owner of rescue pup, Benji. When he’s not busy working he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Jess & their pup Benji.

Charlene & Taylor are the proud owners of 5 rescue animals! Three once feral cats: Dinah, Evee, & Lester. Shelter dog Pumkin, and our 3 legged emergency clinic rescue Jackpot. We are a family that loves animals & supports local rescue efforts!

Hi! I’m Jackpot and the mascot of PWBM! I only have 3 legs, but that doesn’t stop me! I was abused as a baby, but my momma’s friends at the Greater Buffalo Emergency Clinic took great care of me until I was recovered and ready to be adopted! Momma & Poppa fight over me because I’m so cute! So sometimes I’m with mommy & daddy, or my sister Pumkin and I are out at our Poppa’s running wild in the country air! I’m the social butterfly so you may see me at any of the events my daddy sponsors!


Hi! My name is Pumkin! I’m Jackpot’s big “sister”. I was rescued by Buffalo Humane Society from a high-kill shelter in Ohio and I’ve been with my mommy ever since! A year after mommy met daddy, he asked mom if he could officially be my daddy! I was even the ring bearer at their wedding! I am 8 years old and my favorite thing in the world is being petted! I want all the attention everyone has to offer and if you don’t offer I’ll nudge or bark at you until you comply. They call me the needy baby of Pipeworx By Minx.

Evee, Dinah, Lester Group Statement:

I don’t understand why our minions want a description of us. We are the rulers of this business and the world is next! What kind of name is Pipeworx By Minx anyways, how come our first names aren’t in there????? Anyways, we’re working on this whole world domination thing. We got Pumkin under our control, she’s so scared she won’t even walk by us! HA! Now Jack, that boy needs some work. We’ve taught him to take food from the counters but he needs some work on sharing. We’re sick of picking up his crumbs. This is exhausting, time for a nap. Peace out humans.


Hi guys! I’m Avery & Jessica’s pup, Benji! I’m just like my big cousin Jackpot, the energizer bunny! I love playing with bouncy balls and all my toys! Snuggling with my mama & playing rough with daddy is the best thing ever! You may just see me at any of the events PBM sponsors!

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